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SEKOS Ústí nad Labem Ltd company is orientated towards single part production of vessels and apparatus, conveyors and further machinery for the food, fat, chemical and energetic industries providing transport and assembly works at customers sites. Our products may be divided into the following groups:


Pressure, non-pressure, storage and double-jacketted vessels:


Pressure and non-pressure vessels with various built-in equipment (mixers including driving mechanism, cooling and heating coils, duplicators, etc.).


Machines for the food and chemical industries.


Conveyors for the transport of piece and loose material

Mobile tanks:

Tank trucks and tank semi-trailers

We can produce all groups of our products from common constructional steels as well as from high-alloy steels and stainless steel. The max. size of our products is limited only by the loading capacity of our cranes and the dimensions of our workshop.

The max dimensions of our products are: 7500 x 7500mm (diameter 7500mm) and length 45 000mm.

The max. weight of our products is 45 t.


Last change: 25.04.2005