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Products we supply demand perfect workmanship. In the following section we enumerate equipment and devices we use during these activities to ensure such workmanship:

  • welding and flame cutting

  • Material forming

  • Material machining

  • Transport and handling

  • Testing

1. Welding and flame cutting

It is an activity of fundamental importance and that is why we pay the biggest attention to it. Our welders are qualified and well trained and they have adequate licences and authorizations for their work. We also have a high quality technological equipment at our disposal.The main equipment for this activity is listed:

  • equipment for oxygen-acetylene flame welding

  • equipment for welding ROE, MIG/MAG, WIG

  • automatic machines for sumberged-arc welding

  • equipment for orbital welding of pipes

  • equipment for oxy-acetylene flame cutting, both manual and machine (photo-electric cell)

  • equipment for manual plasma cutting

  • equipment for machine cutting with a photo-electric control

2. Material forming

It is an activity of the same importance as welding and flame cutting for our company. We have installed the following forming machines in our production shops :

  • press brake - max. forming force = 315 t, sheet length = 4,000 mm

  • hydraulic press - max. forming force = 160 t

  • eccentric press - max. forming force = 100 t

  • 4 - cylinder bending rolls of max. width 3,050 mm at max. thickness 18 mm

  • 3 - cylinder profile bending rolls, max. section modulus = 52.5 m3

  • bending machine for bending pipes of max.diameter = 108 mm

  • table shears with max. cutting length = 3,150 mm at max. thickness = 25 mm

3. Material machining

Considering the fact our company produces machines and equipment demanding precise machining (e.g. various mixers of high volume), we have well equipped machining shop where the following machines are at our disposal:

  • centre lathe - up to max. diameter = 900 mmm and length = up to 6,000 mm

  • facing lathe up to max. diameter = 4,000 mm

  • radial drilling machine with max. 2,000 mm and max. diameter of drilling = 80 mm

  • horizontal drilling machine, table = 1,250 x 1,250 mm, max. weight of workpiece = 3,500 kg

  • hobbing machine - max. diameter = up to 1,600 mm and modulus 16

  • planing machine for planing of metel sheets of length = 10,000 mm

  • lathes, drilling and hobbing machines of smaller size for common machining

4. Transport and handling

Products we supply, especially storage tanks, demand also devices dimensioned enough for transport and handling.That is why we have bridge cranes of lifting capacity = up to 20 tons in our production shops and a number of various lifting mechanisms. As for the total weight of products, our facilities are the following:

  • max. size of a vessel we have manufactured inside our plant (in one piece):

    • weight = 32 t

    • diameter = 5,100 mm


  • max. size of a vessel we have assembled outside our plant (in pieces):

    • weight of individual pieces = up to 20 t

    • diameter = 16,000 mm


  • truck crane 28 t

5. Testing

We take these standard tests :

  • X-ray test

  • pressure test

  • capillary test

  • leakage test by helium

Standard materials for processing

 (ÈSN - Czech standards and regulations)

  • Stainless steel clas. 17 (according to ÈSN) and equivalents

  • Carbon steel clas. 11, 12 (according to ÈSN) and equivalents


Last change: 25.04.2005