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    Towards the close of 19th century, in 1882, Georg Schicht company established a soap making plant on the boundary between  Kramoly  and  Novosedlice villages  (the part of the city called Ústí nad Labem -Střekov now). From the time of intensive development (1885), the company was gradually extended and further plants were built - including mechanical engineering plant. At first, the mechanical engineering plant was aimed at the production for its parent company. During the years that followed, it also started deliveries for other customers. Within short, its products (vessels and apparatus) gained renown. Its operation continued successfully even after the Austro-Hungarian Empire had fallen apart. During the period of the „first“ Czechoslovak Republic, the plant was extended and modernized. After World War II the Georg Schicht A.G. company was nationalized. In 1951 the name of the company was changed into Severočeské tukové závody (North Bohemian Fat Works), today  - SETUZA a.s. In 1953 the mechanical engineering  plant was singled out of Severočeské tukové závody and became a part of newly established Strojírny Potravinářského Průmyslu (Fat Industry Engineering Works).

    Within the framework of  Strojírny Potravinářského Průmyslu (SPP), besides the production until then, the plant also aimed at the production of vessels and equipment for breweries and other branches of the beverage industry. In 1971 the name of the company changed again. SPP and Obal company merged into a new enterprise named STROJOBAL Hradec Králové. Under the name of  STROJOBAL, Ústí nad Labem „branch“ plant, (later „production plant“), the company produced and delivered its products until the end of April 1997. During that period, the legal form of the company was changed several times. First it was converted from a „branch“ into state enterprise. In 1992, a joint stock company was established. The French industrial corporation named PECHINEY gained a majority interest in the joint stock company through the mediation of  its companies PEA and CEBAL. At the end of 1996, majority stockholders decided to divide STROJOBAL into several legal subjects, in dependence on production orientation, to narrow the wide range of the production ( then - from the production of tins, tubes, flexible packaging to the assortment of our plan). On 1st May 1997, SEKOS Ústí nad Labem Ltd. (Severočeská Kotlárna a Strojírna = North Bohemian Boiler and Mechanical Engineering Works) became a legal successor of STROJOBAL Ústí nad Labem , production plant. The new legal subject has taken over the whole property, plant and equipment, as well as rights and liabilities of the former production plant.

    The management of SEKOS purchased the company from Pechiney Group via SEKOS Trading s.r.o., a company established for this purpose. This represents the last important change by now. Thus at present, SEKOS Ústí nad Labem Ltd is purely a Czech subject.


Last change: 25.04.2005